New Design / I'm Joining Some Hip Dads

Sunday, November 18, 2012

If you head over to The Hipster Dad you will see a new design that I just finished. You will also notice a new contrbutor (me). That's right! I haven't had as much time to update the blog but have had a desire to. So, with the help of some other hip Dads I am getting back into the mix with new features and angles. I will occasionally put some stuff up here, but for the most part I will be sharing from my new home:

My Inner Old Guy: Then & Now

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As I was walking toward the beautiful panoramic view of the Harbor I breathed in the sea and looked below to a beautiful walkway down to the water that I have walked many times while holding Addy's hand. As I arrived at the dock I stopped to curse those hoodlum kids that discarded their wet socks and shorts atop the railing messing with my scenic view.  It was at that point that I realized that I have a different group of things to complain about in the way of "those thoughtless selfish teens": 6 months ago I would see trash on the streets, cigarette wrappers, fast food bags, soda bottles... now I see wet socks left over from a swim in the ocean. This definitely illustrates the difference in day to day life that is my life now. There is something cool about having the grime of a city around you, but there are things that really get on your nerves, but now those cursed kids are leaving behind a symbol of a great summer night of their youth, but I can't complain about that... maybe I like the story I can visualize before these clothes were left behind:  No school, no work, just jumping off the dock into the harbor with all of your clothes on.

Getting Into This Seaside Thing

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Being that we have spent our whole lives up to 3 months ago in Upstate NY we haven't been exposed very often to the sailing life the pervades Marblehead. I've always had an interest in the open sea, it just wasn't 2 blocks away as it is now. We went down to the Harbor yesterday for the maritime festival and boarded the Privateer Lynx for a tour while they were docked.

I have always valued a grounded life (contrary to my band touring days) but I could really see how adventurous and great it could be to be on the open sea with no ground is sight. Being that this ship is modeled after an ealry 1800's ship, I could also see a time where this was a much harder life than sitting at a desk creating illustrations on my computer. Addy is really taking to this new life and enjoying her new Seaside path through life... and there is a great ice cream spot just around the corner.

Judging by her daily request for "I-keem", what else does one need?

New Blog Design Lauched for

Friday, August 10, 2012

As we have been getting closer and closer to getting the new place settled and our new Massachusetts coastal life anchored in still waters, I too am getting caught up with blog design which has been tough ever since I took the offer for my new design day job. I was able to finally able to finish the design and development for Keiko Lynn. She was a pleasure to work with and incredibly nice. It took me much longer to get up than I had planned, but she was very understanding. Now that it is up I have been getting notifications of twitter interactions of her readers commenting on how much the like the new design. It always makes me happy when I get an email from a blogger to express their happiness with my work and is doubled up when I get so see the response of the readers. I finally was able to catch up on my gmail account and am finally going to take on some new projects. I definitely am scaling back on how many I am taking. I'm putting so much of myself into my new job and with all of the great family time I have been having in our 18th century little seaside town, I don't have as much of my schedule to devote to blog design. I'm hoping to get my rhythm back with posting and may have a fun announcement coming up soon. For now check out and let me know what you think of the new design.

Finally, a Post (Things Have Finally Settled)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last time I posted, feels like a world away from where I am now. Both in where I lay my head at night and were my dreams meander. The move to the Boston area was a pretty crazy journey including finding a new place, which was a lot tougher that I initially thought. To find a reasonably priced place and adhere to the tough MA Lead Laws while at the same time filling our need for a historic place was proving to be next to impossible. We look at a lot of places, and anything that we liked was either taken before we called or very expensive. Just when we were about to settle for something that we may not love... out of a adventurous driving trip appeared, similarly to Brigadoon, we found our place. In a place that I can easily say is my favorite place that I have ever visited.

We knew that this was the place as soon as we saw it, will filled out the application 10 minutes into the viewing.

I'm loving my new job as well, I've been getting more into some areas of design that I didn't spend as much time on in the past. Here's where I create Monday- Thursday. along with a glimpse into some new work.

While, I am trying to catch up for the very long hiatus, I don't want to make this into a book. It can be the first chapter however. I am very happy with the decision I have made, while it was a huge change for me and a big move for my family, I am seeing already that the quality of life for Rach and Addy has gone through the roof. Yes, I am very happy, but ultimately I am trying to give them the best life that I can and I see it in their faces when I come home at night... I am on the right track.

Boston, Here We Come

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last week was a culmination of a long career in design, loving being a Dad & Husband, plus the desire to always be moving forward. After some weeks of not being totally sure where our lives would be, I allowed Addy to click the send button on a very important email...
...thus solidifying our move from Upstate New York, of which I have spent my whole life, to Boston Massachusetts. What was this email, you ask? Well, it was my acceptance of a job offer as Creative Content Manager at Inkhouse PR. On our trip to Boston a couple of weeks ago I went on some job interviews at some great companies, and I decided to take the offer at Inkhouse, I was very impressed with the feel of the office and am very excited to be part of such a great team and see a great future and growth.

This is going to be a lot of work, and uprooting my family isn't something that I have taken lightly. I think that this is going to be the best move for all of us. I had some sleepless nights and at times was unsure of moving away from our family and friends. It's not such a long trip back, and I'm sure we will be making it often. I know I'm going to miss this place... the place where Addy was born 18 months ago, about 10 feet from where I sit right now.

We are on the hunt for a place and are hoping to be settled in for the start of June. I know this is going to be a pretty crazy month and a half getting ready, but I'm strangely looking forward to it. I would do anything for Rach and Addy, this decision is as much for them as it is for me. I feel so lucky to be able to have this.
Boston, we'll be seeing you soon...

Back Home, For Now

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are all back home safe and sound. The Boston trip was everything that we could have hoped for...

*A new Suit*

*Hanging with Friends Exploring*

*Addy checking out the Rabbit with Sierra*

*Beautiful Wife / Beautiful Baby at the Inn*

*The Sun behind us, Exploring JP*

I have to thank Craig, Lauren and Sierra for being a big reason that our trip was so much fun. The yet to be disclosed "business" of the trip is still in the stage of not being ready to be let out, but it ended up not being as stressful as I thought it would be. In the end I feel a great sense of accomplishment and excitement for the future, with whatever comes next. We'll probably be seeing you again soon Boston...

Along for the Ride in Boston

Monday, April 2, 2012

The drive out to Boston went by so fast. Addy slept almost the whole way, until the last rest stop on the Mass Pike. We had a quick rest stop...

...Changed Addy's diaper and let her break the shackles of the car seat before we were on our way again, Destination: Boston and our first face to face meet up with our internet buds Craig, Lauren and Sierra.

I've heard a lot about the sadistic nature of choosing to drive through Boston's winding and seemingly unplanned road structures, but it really didn't seem that bad even when we missed a turn (or two). The drive was also beautiful, I love history and architecture so it already felt just like home.

We pulled up out front of Craig and Lauren's place with an excitement in the air and an anticipation brought on by my daily ichat convos with Craig. The door opens, I commence to giving Craig a bro hug and Lauren and Sierra a hug like old friends. It was instantly comfortable. Strangely enough this was real life and I didn't have the desire to have my phone glued to my hand the whole time documenting and sharing, I just sat back for the ride and enjoyed the night. With that being said, Addy and Sierra got along great and we so cute (see instagram accounts), and I just had to capture this moment: Addy climbing in the rocking wooden car with Sierra and enjoying their own ride.

Boston: Day 1 and I'm already loving it.

See You Tomorrow Boston.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I got some exciting news last week that is leading Me, Addy and Rach on a last minute trip to Boston. As you can see by my face above... pretty stoked. Of course the news (to be revealed at a later date) is in itself exciting, but there is another part of this trip that I am really looking forward to. I am going to be meeting some internet buds in person for the first time. I've talked to Craig for years now, pretty much daily, but up to tomorrow I didn't have the ability to reach out and give him a bro hug... but that is about to change. Not to mention that his family is so rad, it's going to be a voltron like super family party. I know that Lauren and Rach are going to get along so well (I can't wait to meet her as well). But how about Addy meeting Sierra... I see BFF's in the making. I'm also hoping to meet up with Adriana and Michael for the icing on the cake... Boston... HERE WE COME.

I'm packing up my work station and bringing it along, there really isn't ever a break for that, Sites need to launch! It's going to be a fun trip, I'm hoping to share some photos soon. 

Too Much Work, Too Much Play (and sickness too)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, I haven't been able to write since we were on our trip in Miami. Crazy times. Addy was very sick almost the whole time that we were there, even requiring a trip to urgent care. We had to change our flight and stay for 4 extra days, until she was well enough to fly. She was better for the last two days, and again on the plane ride home was a total gem.

Little did I know that when we got home from the trip that the real fun was about to begin. "Hey Daddy, it's time for you to get sick... for almost 2 weeks". This box of tissues was became my best friend.

OK, that was a couple of weeks ago, but the amount of work that I got buried in due to the trip and sicknesses is only getting clear enough now to have time to create a post. So, I'm not going to waste it on a post all about the sickness and work that has prevented me from checking in... How about some photos from out first full family playground experience with Addy loving every minute of it...



...and, I am really happy to finally have my site done. Check it out! I also have a ton of new sites that will be going up over the next two weeks... and starting some new big projects... and other huge news... ok, I'll stop now.

I Was Tagged for Eleven Things

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jesyka tagged me in her 11 things post from a couple of days ago, I'm settled in Miami and caught up on some projects, so I'm going to finally get this up... and here... we...go.


1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

11 Random Things

1. I am 34 years old but got ID'd for a rated R movie a year ago.

2. On the plane ride to Miami, I turned to the person sitting next to me and told her about 4 times that I needed to get something out of the overhead before I realized that she didn't speak a work of English. Afterward, I tried to remember some good French Phrases for the situation.

3. One time I was asked to go to Toronto for an art show, by a woman that had bought a painting of mine from a show in Pittsfield MA. She had a room for me to stay in, when I got up there and hung out with her, I realized she was wicked connected in the entertainment industry. She promptly told me that I was going to be on TV that morning doing a demo of my art process. When I got there it was basically the Canadian version of Good Morning America. I did some stencil art live on the air with the hosts and walked around all day being recognized by Canadians. Very surreal.

4. I prefer to write in pencil (a good pencil)

5. I love HGTV. I really want to rip apart my whole 1890's home and restore it. But, I know I couldn't get the whole thing done in one season. Give me a show.

6. I rarely ever read Fiction. I love reading, but more real stories and educational material. I feel sometimes I have some ADD type thing that keeps me from being able to focus on a fiction story.

7. I had a dream the other day that Addy and I were falling, I grabbed her and curled up into a ball around her so that she was insulated on all sides. When we hit the ground we were both ok. 

8. I'm having a lot of trouble right now coming up with eleven random things because I did the rest of this post first, and now I feel like I have nothing else interesting to say.

9. How about... Many years back, my band played some dates on the warped tour (very small stage). I did have all access, and I was back stage walking somewhere (I forget, not important) and I looked over to see one of my childhood idols, Steve Caballero, an old school skater. I sat next to him, we bullshitted about his new macbook and a couple other things, kinda like NBD. I got up to leave I started to walk away, I stopped and turned and said "when i was 14, my first skateboard ever was your dragon pro model" He smiled at me, I turned and walked away.

10. I have always had perfect vision. But at my last yearly diabetic eye checkup, it was stated that I could benefit from some glasses for far way vision. I didn't really see how it could help. I have actually always wanted to wear glasses for the hip look, but that would be stupid to wish for. In any even I order my first pair of hip glasses, when I got them and put them on for the first time it was like night and day. I didn't realize how much my sight had deteriorated that year. Iy really did sharpen things up, and now I have an excuse to look hip and intelligent : )

11. Few people know that I, in fact, am Ryan Gosling.

11 Questions From Jesyka

1) What did you want to be when you “grow up” and why?
When I look back, all I remember is wanting to skateboard, but a little earlier I remember wanting to be a professional baseball player. This is strange now, because I have absolutely no interest is sports like that.

2) Where were your parents born?
My were both born in upstate New York, I think my mom was Hudson and My Dad was Catskill.

3) If you could dress however you wanted without regards to practicality, cost, or ridicule, how would you dress?
That is a tough question because although I do have an overall style, I definitely go with however I'm feeling that day. I would love to be Dapper as hell everyday with a bow tie, but that's not going to work when I want to wear a hoodie and a t shirt. I guess, given the premise of the question, I'm going to go with a hipster 1800's style, perhaps with a derby, maybe a cane... just plain fresh. I'm not sure if I would look good in it, but I like the idea. 

4) Where was your first kiss?
Wow. I was at a girlfriend's house (you know young love), and there was a "party" going on there. Not a "party, party" but more of a daytime get together. I feel this weird early 90's middle school when I think back, listening to some MC hammer sitting around feeling awkward. I think the girl really wanted to kiss me just to get it over with as say that it was done. I was wicked shy about that kind of stuff back then and would have probably never initiated. When I was leaving she walked me out, we look at each other awkwardly, she leaned toward me and began to assault me with her tongue. I didn't know it at the time, but this may have been the worst kiss I will ever have. In any even, I felt cool that it had been done, I can go to the next dance with my hammer pants on feeling a little cooler.

5) What was your first car?
My mom gave me a 1986 Chevy Nova that had been my Step Dads car. It wasn't a badass Nova, it was one that was basically a Toyota. It did run forever though, it actually never died, I just had to retire it because of all of the structural problems that weren't worth paying to fix.

6) How did you meet your significant other?
Rachel came to a show on New Years eve that had a bunch of bands playing, one of which being mine. I had known of her and her me, but not in the way that we would say that we really knew each other. A little while after we were done playing I walked over behind her and tapped her on the shoulder and said "hey dude, what's up?". Pretty funny looking back. I asked her what she thought of the set, she told me that she didn't really pay attention and didn't see it. In any even I got her to hang out with me all night, and when the clock struck twelve, I snuck in our fist kiss... and the rest is history

7) Do you have an opinion on what order the Star Wars trilogies should be introduced to your children? If so, what order and why? (Tyler and I need other people’s thoughts on this one. ~.^)
I really haven't given it much thought, but I would say to start with the Old Time ones, just because I think they would go over better with young kids. So you could start with those and as they grow lead into the newer ones. I don't really think that a 4 year old is going to question why they are out of order : )

8) What style(s) do you think best describe you?
I am into style, but don't like to be over the top. Although I don't dress in such a "typical" way. Hmmm... maybe a fashionable punk/hardcore, artist with hipster tendencies? hehe.

9) What is your favorite comfort food?
I seriously could eat pizza every day, and probably do too often. Although I don't really need comfort foods in an Oprah type of way.

10) When you look at the moon, do you see it as a 3 dimensional object, or a flat disc? (sorry if this is a weird question, but it’s something I like to ask people. :) )
I look at in 2D for sure. I look at a lot of things as if I'm looking at it in photoshop or illustrator. The moon looks like a filled circle with some distressed overlays.

11) What is something that you have always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten a chance to do yet?
I have always wanted to do a "living tour" and sometime hope to in the future with Rach and Addy. What that is, is to live in different areas one after another, may a month or two in each area. I'm more thinking internationally, but could extend to some rad American cities.

My Questions for the @tagged
1. Name a song that would be on the soundtrack for your life
2. Pick a different first and last name for yourself
3. If you could live anywhere for free, where would it be?
4. Tea or Coffee?
5. If you could have any skill what would it be?
6. What book would you take to a deserted island?
7. Dream job?
8. small town or big city?
9. what is your favorite article of clothing?
10. What is your most cherished keepsake?
11. why would you be on a daytime talk show?

... tag you're it Craig (Just realized her already did it), Mandey (already did it too!) Lauren, Katie, Jess (not you too) Adriana.

We're almost off (and falling behind)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I would like to apologize for missing "Blog Design Pointers". Due to the last minute trip... I have run into last minute organizing, along with finishing up what I had on my schedule already. I am going to move it to a different day this week, so check back. For now, I'll let you in on a couple of the last minute reasons I have missed some posts...

I have to bring all of my work with me including my computer. I had to order a travel case, and figure out the best way to get my whole set up down to Miami... I think I ready to get some work done... in the sun : )

Rachel decided that we should all bake a bunch of goodies to bring on the trip. I think we may need an extra piece of luggage.

I pulled out our bags and luggage. i feel like we've been organizing our clothes for days. I'm finally have all of my clothes jammed in. I put all of Addy's clothes right on top, hence the bright lively prints, those aren't my boxer briefs... didn't I mention those are my drawers of choice? AND, why not bring my straw hat, that's what people where in Miami, right?

I'm feeling a little beat, we have to leave VERY early in the morning. I just got everything organized with my brother to drop us off at the airport, I don't think he was too stoked when I told him what time we had to leave. Hey, I used to change his diaper, he owes me : )

I'm going to be doing a lot of work and a bunch of postings on our trip, so check back. If you don't already follow me on instagram, do so, because I'm going to be on there a lot as well. Next time you see me, I'm going to be wearing white jeans and a teal button up with no socks and loafers... be prepared!

Last Minute Trip (New Office for a Week)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So, next week we are going to Miami to visit Addy's Auntie and Uncle. It was a pretty last minute decision. Mommy and I packed up any weather appropriate clothes that we had. We decided that we needed to take a fun outing to buy Addy a whole new wardrobe, which I guess could be called vintage inspired tropical toddler chic : ) We had to pick up this bathing suit...

Well, I didn't get a whole new wardrobe, but I did get a travel case for my computer. Although this trip is going to be fun and games, I still have a tone of things to get done, so this guys new office is potentially going to look like the for the next week...
...although, I'm not so sure that I'll be able to get my imac set up on the beach. I'm not sure about getting power... maybe there is a balcony off of the hotel... maybe I should use the laptop...

But I digress.

This is going to be Addy's first time in Florida, and I haven't been there since last time I went there on tour... come to think of it, I don't think Rach and I have ever been there together. I must thank my brother Adam for housesitting for us while we are gone (sucker). Don't be surprised if some of the new designs this coming week have palm trees in them : ) until then, I thought I would share a new simple sleek blog design that just went up this week. It's a brand new domain and site for Jenn, so stop by and say hi.

A Side Note to an Instagram Post

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

After I posted this on my Instagram account and received a couple of comments, my wife mentioned to me that maybe #3 almost comes across that I had a problem with drugs and alcohol when I was younger. I just wanted to state for the record that this isn't the case, I've never really done any hard drugs and only had a short stint with drinking. It is more of a choice that I made when I was 19 that I have still kept. It has always been about a choice for me, and I don't care much what other people do as long as it isn't destructive. One thing that has kept this in my mind strongly is that I have had to deal first hand with a member of my family being addicted to heroin and it has been tough. Being that I don't have much experience with drugs, I didn't notice many of the signs until it was too late. It is a very defeating thing to have someone you love fall into the grips of an addiction, and with every attempt you make it becomes more and more apparent that this thing is much stronger than you. After many, many attempts that often lead to destructive situations for me and my life, I decided that the only thing that could help was this person them self. And that was years ago and not too much has changed. Maybe at some point I will have this person back, but for now they are gone and they may never come back and it makes me feel even stronger in my personal choice to stay away from drugs and alcohol.