Finally, a Post (Things Have Finally Settled)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last time I posted, feels like a world away from where I am now. Both in where I lay my head at night and were my dreams meander. The move to the Boston area was a pretty crazy journey including finding a new place, which was a lot tougher that I initially thought. To find a reasonably priced place and adhere to the tough MA Lead Laws while at the same time filling our need for a historic place was proving to be next to impossible. We look at a lot of places, and anything that we liked was either taken before we called or very expensive. Just when we were about to settle for something that we may not love... out of a adventurous driving trip appeared, similarly to Brigadoon, we found our place. In a place that I can easily say is my favorite place that I have ever visited.

We knew that this was the place as soon as we saw it, will filled out the application 10 minutes into the viewing.

I'm loving my new job as well, I've been getting more into some areas of design that I didn't spend as much time on in the past. Here's where I create Monday- Thursday. along with a glimpse into some new work.

While, I am trying to catch up for the very long hiatus, I don't want to make this into a book. It can be the first chapter however. I am very happy with the decision I have made, while it was a huge change for me and a big move for my family, I am seeing already that the quality of life for Rach and Addy has gone through the roof. Yes, I am very happy, but ultimately I am trying to give them the best life that I can and I see it in their faces when I come home at night... I am on the right track.

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