See You Tomorrow Boston.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I got some exciting news last week that is leading Me, Addy and Rach on a last minute trip to Boston. As you can see by my face above... pretty stoked. Of course the news (to be revealed at a later date) is in itself exciting, but there is another part of this trip that I am really looking forward to. I am going to be meeting some internet buds in person for the first time. I've talked to Craig for years now, pretty much daily, but up to tomorrow I didn't have the ability to reach out and give him a bro hug... but that is about to change. Not to mention that his family is so rad, it's going to be a voltron like super family party. I know that Lauren and Rach are going to get along so well (I can't wait to meet her as well). But how about Addy meeting Sierra... I see BFF's in the making. I'm also hoping to meet up with Adriana and Michael for the icing on the cake... Boston... HERE WE COME.

I'm packing up my work station and bringing it along, there really isn't ever a break for that, Sites need to launch! It's going to be a fun trip, I'm hoping to share some photos soon. 

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