Along for the Ride in Boston

Monday, April 2, 2012

The drive out to Boston went by so fast. Addy slept almost the whole way, until the last rest stop on the Mass Pike. We had a quick rest stop...

...Changed Addy's diaper and let her break the shackles of the car seat before we were on our way again, Destination: Boston and our first face to face meet up with our internet buds Craig, Lauren and Sierra.

I've heard a lot about the sadistic nature of choosing to drive through Boston's winding and seemingly unplanned road structures, but it really didn't seem that bad even when we missed a turn (or two). The drive was also beautiful, I love history and architecture so it already felt just like home.

We pulled up out front of Craig and Lauren's place with an excitement in the air and an anticipation brought on by my daily ichat convos with Craig. The door opens, I commence to giving Craig a bro hug and Lauren and Sierra a hug like old friends. It was instantly comfortable. Strangely enough this was real life and I didn't have the desire to have my phone glued to my hand the whole time documenting and sharing, I just sat back for the ride and enjoyed the night. With that being said, Addy and Sierra got along great and we so cute (see instagram accounts), and I just had to capture this moment: Addy climbing in the rocking wooden car with Sierra and enjoying their own ride.

Boston: Day 1 and I'm already loving it.

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