My Inner Old Guy: Then & Now

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As I was walking toward the beautiful panoramic view of the Harbor I breathed in the sea and looked below to a beautiful walkway down to the water that I have walked many times while holding Addy's hand. As I arrived at the dock I stopped to curse those hoodlum kids that discarded their wet socks and shorts atop the railing messing with my scenic view.  It was at that point that I realized that I have a different group of things to complain about in the way of "those thoughtless selfish teens": 6 months ago I would see trash on the streets, cigarette wrappers, fast food bags, soda bottles... now I see wet socks left over from a swim in the ocean. This definitely illustrates the difference in day to day life that is my life now. There is something cool about having the grime of a city around you, but there are things that really get on your nerves, but now those cursed kids are leaving behind a symbol of a great summer night of their youth, but I can't complain about that... maybe I like the story I can visualize before these clothes were left behind:  No school, no work, just jumping off the dock into the harbor with all of your clothes on.

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