Getting Into This Seaside Thing

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Being that we have spent our whole lives up to 3 months ago in Upstate NY we haven't been exposed very often to the sailing life the pervades Marblehead. I've always had an interest in the open sea, it just wasn't 2 blocks away as it is now. We went down to the Harbor yesterday for the maritime festival and boarded the Privateer Lynx for a tour while they were docked.

I have always valued a grounded life (contrary to my band touring days) but I could really see how adventurous and great it could be to be on the open sea with no ground is sight. Being that this ship is modeled after an ealry 1800's ship, I could also see a time where this was a much harder life than sitting at a desk creating illustrations on my computer. Addy is really taking to this new life and enjoying her new Seaside path through life... and there is a great ice cream spot just around the corner.

Judging by her daily request for "I-keem", what else does one need?

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