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Monday, October 31, 2011

Today was the beginning of the end for a couple of big projects that I have been working one. On Wednesday we are getting a fireplace insert put in a spot where I had taken down a mantle (see previous post) and I have prepping the spot for about a month. Today it was replacing floors near where the new mantle will be. First I had to cut out the old floor and get it cut nice and straight for the faux hearth.
Luckily Addy and my Wife are at Grammy's house tonight. Rach would not be too happy with the extreme mess that is going on in our house today. But, the long day of work felt good when the floors actually turned out great.
Now that I have some aches from my "This Old House" day. It's time to finish something up that I have also been working on for a little over a month. Time to hit the computer to build the new Sometimes Sweet Blog. I have everything designed and approved and ready to go up, so this may be a long night. I want to get it totally live tonight. I am really stoked to get this up and have all of you check it out. For now I'll give you a tiny taste.

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