Tea With Dads Part 2 (with giveaway! & video)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today we have a three-Dad chat over tea, with the little ones joining us for moral support. Today I'm Chatting with Thomas and Nathan... and it's all caught by hidden camera. Nathan is a musician and artist and teaches printmaking at SUNY. Thomas is a musician, producer, video game music composer and stay-at-home-Dad. Definitely a crew that you would commonly see at the Farmer's Market downtown on a Saturday afternoon. Today we are drinking vanilla cream earl grey, yet another awesome tea from californiateahouse.com. Be sure to leave a comment below or share on facebook to be entered to win a package of the earl gray tea and a special signed print (by me) that I will be posting an image of in a couple of days.

I have split out discussion up into a couple of Videos. In our first video we are discussing keeping your pre-baby identity and stay at home parenting (while our kids look on a mock us).

In our second video, we are talking father figures, having more kids & changing feeling toward pets. (and cats in diapers)

Thanks for sharing some thoughts and tea with us. Be sure to leave a comment or share on facebook to be entered to win this weeks tea and a signed art print (by me). The winner will be announced on Monday and will lead into our next installment on Wednesday... 

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