Let's Tear Down a Wall...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last week, I realized that I have taken a decent amount of time off from destroying things in the house and fixing them again (My wife's words). So, I recently decided that I'm going to work through my whole house one room at a time. Yesterday, I decided that the Mantle that Rachel and I have gotten sick of, is getting gone along with the plaster behind it, exposing a nice brick area... and why not repaint the room while I'm at it. We love historic architecture, but the mantles in our home are a little deep in color, and almost have a vibe that they were made in the 60's??? (even though they are from 1890).
Let's start tearing things down!!! arrrrrr!!!
It was cool to take the mantle down and see the guts of how they anchored it to the brick, there was a surprise hole that I had to fill in with some old bricks that I had in the basement. Let the real mess begin...
At this point, I'm sweatin' buckets. But I really needed to finish this whole project in one day because Addy and Rach are out of the house all day, and I don't want to risk any debris and dust getting in my girls' lungs.
The cleanup and painting took forever, and I am beat... but by the magic of the internet it only takes you a matter of seconds to see where I ended up. I'm going to call Rach now and let her know this post is up, she hasn't seen the room yet... these photos will have to do until she get's home.

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