Dancing Before You Walk

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yesterday, we all left the house dressed in our Sunday best, to bring Addy to see her first Ballet.  We realize that sitting in seats with an eight Month old for two hours of Ballet may not work out too smoothly, so we bought lawn seats and planned a nice picnic/ ballet matinee. We stopped at the coop, and the placid baker on the way to pick up essentials (three kinds of cheese, baguette, pastries, sparkling water & fruit salad). We arrived in Saratoga for the NYC Ballet performance around 2:00pm, and despite hanging back on the lawn to have a private little picnic, the view wasn't bad.
"Hey Addy, look...
So Pretty...
We were surrounded by little girls running and spinning, daydreaming that they were on stage with all eyes on them. Addy was their willing audience. She had a different dream though, she has to walk first before she can become a Ballerina... and she has really been determined lately.
 Daddy scored some brownie points with his girls... just look at these faces. 
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