Flashback Friday Video Edition

Friday, February 10, 2012

 Yesterday @BellaBeanAz (Shannon) sent me a tweet asking if I still did Vloggin' Vednesdays anymore. I had almost forgotten about that video series that was so much fun, but so much work. It made me want to revisit some of those old videos. I've posted some of my favs below for those that didn't get to see them originally.

1) The first video is about a year old and it was basically just a day in our life. Pretty simple, but I love looking back to that early time in Dad-hood.

2) This video was a fun little video Rach and I did for a "how to" theme. 

3) Pretty classic video about things that I do that get on Rach's nerves set to a law and order theme.

4) A family vacation video of us with Rach's Family. It starts out with silliness and goes to a place that bring a tear to my eye.

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