Work it Out Part 2

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So... we left off last week with me sending out the first draft. I wasn't 100% on it, but being the Brandilyn is such a sweet girl she said she loved it and the ideas. I had to step back and look at in in a couple of days and see what jumps out at me and what needs to be neutered (get it?) This is where we were...
... and here were my thoughts with fresh eyes.
• I'm not liking the layout of the header, I do like the feel and style, but it needs to be more balanced. It's just not a good use of that space. And I'm not crazy about the CAC logo, I think the idea is better than the execution.
• I think the idea of the orange sidebar is cool, I don't think it's going to fit this design.
• Adding an interesting but subtle background will do a lot for the overall feel and is doable now that I'm taking out the colored sidebar.
• Being that I'm going to add some hand drawn elements, I decided to make the buttons on the top hand drawn
• Add cat collar with tags hangin' off for social media links
• move the sidebar to the space between the buttons (my wife's idea)
• Oh my god Don, you are so clever... what about if there is a little simple hand drawn mouse that stays at the bottom right corner of the screen and as you scroll it moves down... brilliant, I tell you : )
I'm not sure if it's perfect, but it is much more appealing overall, we'll see how it sticks. This could be a keeper with just some more added embellishments.

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