Pissarro Exhibit at the Clark

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rachel and I have been talking about making it out to the Pissarro Exhibit at The Clark Art Museum since it opened back in June. All things Life and Child, have been keeping us away, but being that this was the last weekend and the Planets aligned for us, we made it out. It was a rainy Fall day, but beautiful none the less and the colorful tree lined drive was art in itself. As is common in our baby filled life we arrived and tended to her every need for about a half hour and then we were off to explore. Addy must now climb up every set of stairs (aided of course), and climb they did, excited to see the paintings that lay just out of sight. 
I was slightly bummed when I was told that I couldn't take photos once we were inside the exhibit, but I did snap this photo right before we went in.
It was a great exhibit, I've always been a big fan of the Impressionists and this was great display focused on portraits and scenes focused on people. Addy really wanted to walk around the room, I thought this may be a distraction (and possible annoyance) for the very packed house of people intent on taking in this possible once in a lifetime viewing, but many were just as happy to see this cute kid walking around holding Daddy's hand and yealling, ooohhhing and ahhhing and in general hogging some of Pissarro's spotlight. We did have to make it slightly brief and kept moving to some of the other things that were being exhibited, and for Addy to exhibit her cuteness. We stopped at the gift shop at the end of the day and picked up a new set of board books for Addy. Pretty awesome.
After everything was packed up, we were about to leave I had to take a shot of part of the Pissarro bio leading upstairs, it described the day nicely... it was pretty...
actually, I would more likely call it...

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