Vermont Part Two

Thursday, September 29, 2011

... Following our first action packed day, we slept well. But Addy definitely let us know early that it was time to start another awesome day... in Vermont.
We were up quick fast and got a quick Breakfast. Back at the room, we packed everything up and got ready to check out. Although we were leaving the Inn, we still had a full day ahead of us before we head back to NY.
Goodbye room....
GoodBye Inn...
... Hello...  Hay stuffed Wizard of Oz scene, complete with Yellow Brick Road.
A pumpkin amongst pumpkins.
I didn't quite get this photo op, were we supposed to be a second head? But what the heck, let's go with it.
We had never gone through a corn maze, despite our cornfield surrounded upbringing... better late than never.
...And back to NY we went.

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