This Is Who We Are

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I recently overheard a friend and fellow new parent talking about things that she does to hold onto her pre-baby identity. I thought about that later on, and how important that can be. You never really can be prepared for how having a child with change your day to day life. In so many ways, Addy has made my life better and more enjoyable, and at the same time made it hard to do some of the things that formed who I was most of my life. You do need to set aside some personal time, but as Addy grows, I see more and more that I can share who we are with her. When I sit on the couch with her, guitar in hand, I'm not playing in a packed club late on a Saturday night... it's 10:00am on Wednesday and I'm strumming and my wife is singing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" while Addy smiles and watches. I may be doing more Baby & Fashion Blog design than Hardcore band shirts and album art these days. I can, however, honestly say that where I am right now is the best place I've ever been. You know what... This IS who we are... and I Love it.

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