Addy's first Sickness : (

Friday, March 11, 2011

So, this is Adeline's first cold. I am not into it. There aren't too many things that pain my heart like seeing my little one not feeling well. I can see it in her eyes and in her actions, not to mention seeing it dribble out of nose and onto my hand. I am unfortunately, not a MacGyver like sickness fixer, curing all with duct tape, tissues and an old baseball card .... and I don't think anyone is. That is part of the trouble, no matter what you do you can't just make your baby instantly better, you can try your best, but it just leads to you having an upside down smile on your face. The only slightly MacGyver like thing I can do, is take two arms a tight squeeze and a kiss to the forehead, and make Mommy feel a little better... she is feeling just as sad as I am about the whole thing.

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