Family Day Trip

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This post is a couple days behind. Getting the Vloggin' Vednesday post together definitely took up a lot of my time. Thanks to everyone that took part, I can't believe how well it went and how much fun it was.

I've always loved going to museums and art shows, so when Rachel told me she saw an advertisement for a kids activity day at the Clark museum in Williamstown MA, we had to plan a trip. The weather was rainy and overcast, but as I've sang a million times, Addy and Rachel are my sunshine. Adeline slept for almost the whole ride there, giving me an my wife some sort of "alone time" to talk and basically be only the two of us. Despite the weather it was a beautiful ride. Here are some picture from our visit.

Addy and Mommy right after we arrived. This is an image of baby in between foodies.

Me and Addy in exhibit with a carved bust saying "ohh, look at that cool family"

Mommy blending in with the artwork, just like the beautiful piece of art that she is.

We are standing in from of some of the wall graphics from the Albrecht Dürer exhibit. It was crazy to see these awesome detailed illustrations that are more than 400 years old. The exhibit definitely reminded me of a lot of the band t-shirt artwork that I have dealt with over the years. Man, that dude was ahead of his time, little did he know, his style was going to be hyped with metal and hardcore bands everywhere 400 years after he died. 

Rach with a Ballerina sculpture by Degas. I think she has her eyes already looking to the future when Addy will be dressed up and ready for her ballet class... and then on to the Royal Ballet.

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