Family Heirlooms

Friday, August 20, 2010

I didn't have any family Heirlooms passed down to me from my family. I am trying to change the shape of my family to come. I had always said that I was going to sell my guitar after I stopped playing in bands and going on tour, Wifey wouldn't let me even entertain the idea. "NO WAY, you have to keep it to pass down to our child someday, don't you know the history you will be getting rid of?" Now that we are getting close to Adeline arriving, I'm starting to see what she was talking about. I have kept that guitar, and funny enough, I actually have a need for it coming up. One of my bands is doing a reunion show in September, having a guitar for it will come in handy. Also, having things that have been important to us to pass down through our family as part of who we are and what we have done is going to be an important way to bond generations.

Thanks Rach, you are the best wife (and soon mommy) ever

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