Ever heard of Ina May Gaskin?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I hadn't either until we got deep into the research on how and where we were going to give birth. If you are pregnant or planning on having a child, do yourself a favor and read some of her books.(I have read 2 already) She is a Midwife greatly responsible for bringing back midwifery in an age where misinformation has made it not so common. We were planning on trying to do everything with this pregnancy as natural as possible, But without information, things are very scary. Through word of mouth we found a perfect midwife right in our city, K. MIchelle Doyle. She is the best. We have also decided to have the baby at home. Some people may think that this is a crazy decision, but After all of the information that I have researched, it is the only way for us. 

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