Baby's Firsts...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's wild to think that we will be responsible for the way a baby grows and develops and becomes an adult. Much of this will be "firsts". Some will be within our control. Some will be up to her; like first words or first steps. I don't remember many "firsts" from my own childhood, but I will always remember my baby's "firsts". I may have to start a list of possible "firsts" for Adeline in categories like: first song, first onesie color, or first nighttime story. This is sounding overwhelming already! Maybe I could start with Adeline's "first" live music. Today at the farmers market, there was a fun band of older men, called the Hoosick Street Hoot, having a blast playing old time jazz and ragtime style music. I think a nice day out at the farmers market with Adeline would be a great introduction to some pure music performed for the sake of fun, toe tapping and a smile. Man, I'm not sure about her first pair of shoes, I think I may leave that up to Mommy.

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