Real Shots

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where have all of the photo booths gone? Not that I experienced the heyday of the classic photo booth. There is only one that I know of that is anywhere near us. It just so happens to be 30 feet from our favorite baby store. Just an added bonus for the one and a half hour trip. It was a great day and a great family trip, tons of fun and great purchases for Adeline. One of the highlights though was to get our first family photo booth portraits. We only could get one session out before Addy wasn't feeling it. These things definitey have a way of capturing people (I think the second shot captured Addy's poop face). I wish there were one of these at each noteworthy outing, the images freeze the memories in a classic way that is hard to duplicate, and I don't want to ever forget these times.

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