Look Ma, No Hands.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Before Addy was born I got 2 "daddy style" baby carriers as baby shower gifts. I kept visualizing myself strolling with my little girl strapped to my chest. I was very anxious to do so. It turns out that they aren't great for newborns, especially little petite sweeties like mine ( at 3 weeks she only weights 7 lbs 6 oz). Today My wife and I purchased a sling carrier, which I heard is better for very little ones. It took me a little to figure out how this thing works (at first attempt she didn't look that comfortable and my wife may have looked even more uncomfortable watching me). Later in the day when Adeline was cranky, I decided to give it another try, being that our midwife demonstrated one for us at our last appointment and Adeline was instantly relaxed and content. I think I got it right this time, she fell right to sleep, I think this thing is going to be useful even for using around the house. When she puts on another pound, I'll switch over to the carriers I picked out (the ones that accentuate my new daddy look).

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