Daddy hums the hits

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adeline was very fussy and cried much of the night tonight. We changed multiple diapers, fed her often, burped her, wrapped her in a nice soft blanket, bounced her. Nothing settled her for too long. All of this lead to a great feeling.... I picked her up in my arms, she continued to cry, but slowly stopped as I gently danced around with her in my arms humming my way through any tune that popped into my head, Michael Jackson, into Hello Dolly, old Jazz melodies, into Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (and others in passing that I can't presently remember). I don't know if it was my fabulous fancy footing or my melodious voice, her eyes were fixed on me and slowly (very) her eyes closed and she fell asleep in my arms. Be on the lookout for my new album "Adeline's Daddy sings 90's slow jamz"

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