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Saturday, January 28, 2012

     Lately I feel lucky, to be working from home doing something I love and being able to be near my wife and daughter all day... I'm not sure what I did to deserve this. Along with a ton of great projects, I am really enjoying meeting new people. When I do a full blog design for someone I really get to know the person in a way that I don't get with other design projects that I do. Ultimately I need to translate my impression into an online representation of them and their chronicling of life as they see it. 

     Earlier this month I was stoked to giveaway a free blog makeover with Danielle from Sometimes Sweet  (I did her blog design, and it was one of my favorite designs I've ever done, and it didn't hurt that she is such a rad girl to deal with) The winning blog was Brandilyn and Cats and Cardigans. I've decided to share this process with you, you can consider this like a HGTV show but instead of me redoing her kitchen... I'm going to be putting in a granite counter top on her blog (not literally). So far she seems like a super sweet nice girl, I'm going to enjoy learning more about her. (posts coming early next week)

     On the topic of blog designs, I finished up a couple this week, and I'm liking the way they turned out. It was great working with/ getting to know Krista and Samantha. I'm even starting another design for Krista's art blog soon. Check out their blogs, let me know what you think.

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