Tea With Dads Part 1 (with giveaway!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've partnered up with californiateahouse.com for a little series, in which I will be talking tea, and babies, with Dads. From a soon to be dad to an experienced Father, from giving advice to getting advice,  I will be chatting over tea (presented in abridged form) and doing tea giveaways of some awesome flavors from californiateahouse.com. Today we are sipping and chatting with Russ, who lives with his wife across the street from me. He's a Nurse in his late 20's, a great guy and is having his first child in about 6 months, so he was the perfect candidate to start the series. Also, please leave a comment below to be entered to win a package of the Jasmine Pearls tea that we are sharing, which is also for sale here.
Interview Key:  AD= Adeline's Daddy    RS= Russell
AD: Russ, this isn't the first time we have shared a cup of tea, and you had told me that you began to drink tea a lot when you lived in Russia.
RS: Yeah, I lived there for about six months, over there tea is a national drink. They drink tea over there like we drink coffee here. And I brought that back with me.
AD: I know that would basically lead you more in the direction of black teas, but today I have a more flowery green tea, and I'm really liking the smooth, soothing taste, and aroma. What are your thoughts?
RS: Yes, this tea is much lighter and I haven't had too many flowery teas. This is nice, like you said it has a very soothing feel.
AD: It's pretty rad that this tea is actually rolled by hand into the pearls, you don't get that attention to detail with every tea.
AD: Let's say that this tea was a baby, what would you name it?
RS: Well, it actually could go with two names that my wife and I had discussed using. Violet or Daisy.
AD: So, you are saying that this tea would be a little baby girl? However, you could enjoy this if you were a masculine Dude?
RS: Yeah, of course.   Here we are.
AD: So, you are mentioning a couple of names, which means that you are definitely discussing possible names. What is your process? Do you have names already decided? If so, you are way ahead of where Rach and I were at your stage.
RS: We actually decided to not know the sex of the baby ahead of time. But we are going to eventually have a girl name and a boy name on deck. Although, I'm a big believer in having the name fit the personality of the baby. When we lay eyes on him or her for the first time THE name may just come to us at that second.
AD: That leads us to the birth. You are going with a home birth with the same Midwife we used and in the house right across the street from our house where Addy was born. What made you decide to do that?
RS: No one in my family has had a home birth, I'm not positive where the inspiration came from. I know that you guys had a home birth, and it went perfectly. My wife decided right off the bat that that was the way she wanted to do it.
AD: I have only done the one home birth, which was a water birth, and It couldn't have been any better. I have never experienced anything that beautiful, and having the comfort of your home is great.
RS: That's what we are hoping for.
AD: I'm a Dad, and have many cute nicknames for my Daughter as I assume you will too. A little Trivia for you: One of the most famous all knowing Dads from TV is Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. In which Ward called his little Boy Theodore by the Famous nickname "Beaver". Do you know how that nickname came to be?
RS: I actually do not know.
AD: Well, I looked it up...  and it was revealed on the last episode that when Theodore was born that his Brother Wally couldn't properly pronounce his name. So every time he said "Theodore" it Sounded like he was saying "Beaver" and thus created a pet name and television history.
RS: Good to know, thanks for sharing.
AD: We are almost down to the bottom of our tea cups, do you have any soon to be dad questions or concerns that an old pro like me could help with?
RS: To be honest with you, I am overwhelemed. There are so many questions I don't even know what to ask. 
AD: To be honest right back to you, I don't think there are any answers that really prepare you. You kinda have to make decisions as they come. Definitely read and study up, but whenever something comes up you will make the decision and deal with it. And until that time comes you don't even know the lengths that you will go to for your child. I have done so many things for Addy (some gross) that an 18 year old me would never think I would do. That is part of all of the things that will be thrown at you, at that second you will decide what to do. And that is part of what makes you a Dad.
I would like to thank Russ, for joining me for the first installment of Tea With Dads. I will be having my next interview up next week with a different Flavor, a different Dad, and more giveaways. Don't forget to comment below to be entered to win the free package of Jasmine Pearls. The winner will be announced on Monday. 

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