Addy's First Birthday!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hand Cut Sign...                                                                    ...Check.
Homemade apple crisp in half pint jars with ribbon...                   ...Check.
Chocolate chip cookies...                                      ...Check.
Assorted Baguette Sandwiches...                                     ...Check
A beautiful & happy wife because you made all of the aforementioned things and more...       ...Check.

Yes, 'tis true, my wife and I worked our butts off to put together this Martha Stewart Oasis in the middle of the park. And it was worth every second. We had a great small group of friends and family with us on what turned out to be a perfect Fall day.
One Year ago I was in a birthing pool with my wife, I reached down to feel a silky soft head... moments later a tiny little person came out of the water and up to Mommy's Chest, my arms wrapped around her... I looked, there was the girl I have been waiting to see, there she is... My Adeline, Our Honey Honey. Happy Birthday from your Daddy.

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