Vermont Part One

Monday, September 26, 2011

To our surprise, at a visit to Adeline's Grammy's house last week, we were given an envelope... with a gift inside. Our family had sprung for an awesome weekend B&B in Arlington Vermont. This was a gift to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, so maybe you would think that just the two of us would go and have a quiet weekend... that's not how we roll. We packed up the car Friday afternoon with one big bag of clothes for Mommy and Daddy, a bag of diapers with wet bag and cloths, a bag full of toys and baby books, a breast pump and parts, & a bag full of Baby clothes... AND a Cute little Baby... we hit the road, destination The Arlington Inn. It was a short drive (about an hour and a half) we were blessed with a sleeping baby for the whole beautiful, hilly, tree lined ride! The Inn is beautiful, not unlike a home we would have in our alternate wealthy mid 1800's life.
We settled in, to our beautiful room, and got ready for our 6:00 reservations... fine dining with an 11 month old, we are brave! A little polish and we are good to go.
After dinner we went to the Northshire book store. This was one of the best bookstores I've ever been to, their kids section was huge and included a play area. We left with a book for Mama, a book for Dada, and 4 for Baby. Addy had fallen asleep in the car, so when we got back to our room, we quietly put her into bed for the night. Rachel and I sat up reading our books and taking breaks to discuss the following day, but didn't want to stay up too late... we had a ton planned. We were up and out to breakfast as early as allowed by baby. We all shared a nice meal in the Inn's Breakfast room.
Daddy changed Addy's outfit after breakfast, and was sure to make sure it matched his... and we put this day in gear... and we're off...


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