How to be in Love

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Along with the start of Fall comes another new year of Marriage. In my life, I haven't been around good lasting Marriages, so how did I end up with such a balanced, beautiful, loving, fun, & strong marriage? I guess it depends on your perspective as to the success of ones relationship, and this is how I see it.

• My wife and I spent a long time growing and maturing together. Even though when I first met her I had a feeling she was the one, it took 8 years of working through things and experiencing life to get to the eye to eye heart to heart that was needed for Marriage.
• We don't yell, or argue aggressively with each other. If we have a disagreement, we treat each other with respect and work through it.
• I have so many great memories of things that we have done together. weather it was going to shows together or taking a drive through the countryside, we have an appreciation for similar things and know that experiencing them together makes it ever better.
• Our hopes and dreams are shared. Sometimes we daydream together like kids, "when we are older will we live in the French, or English Countryside?"...
• Hey, I'm not going to front, I have one of the most beautiful women in the world as my wife!
• We could probably do a sitcom, seriously we have some funny exchanges. Humor really can be a glue that makes a bond even stronger.
• There isn't any question that I love my wife in the deepest realest way that I can. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do to make her happy, as she is what makes me happy... and another anniversary is here and times haven't faded, they are just in focus as they were on that Fall day in 2007....

... and each year is just going to get even better, especially now that we have this little side car on our journey.

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