Learning how to Dress a Girl

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've learned a lot in my first year of being a dad, but today I was reminded again, that I don't have much knowledge of how to dress a girl. I'm not the worst (these are my words), but have some strange choices (my Wife's words). Today around Noon, Rachel looks at me strange... "did you realize that you put Addy's dress on backward this morning?"

Let me explain myself here, I always look for a tag to make sure I know which is the front vs. the back, this one didn't have one that I could find. Why oh why do some dresses have the buttons going up the back and some up the front, you have to realize that this is confusing for a Dad. I guess I should have noticed that the label that said "Daddy's Girl" actually ended up on her back, I mean that's most of the reason I picked the dress in the first place, it should be proudly displayed out front for everyone to see. Sooo, in retrospect, my bad.
In any event after I got the dress off and turned it around, I was reminded of why I picked the dress in the first place, she looks so stinkin' cute...
... even though she was more interested in playing with the camera than posing for it.
So, Moms with Sons, are you experiencing any Gender dressing shock, or is this a guy thing? When I think about it though, guys clothes aren't confusing, I mean I don't think it's hard to put pants on straight, unless you are Kris Kross (if you are younger than 30, look it up). And, I don't think your little boy is wearing a bow tie or an ascot... At least buttons on jeans are always in the front... that's what I call consistency.

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