Couldn't pass it up...

Friday, August 5, 2011

A couple of days ago my wife mentioned our recent antique hunt on her blog. It's going to take some time to get all of our finds integrated with their new home, but when I got home, I instantly found a home for something that I couldn't pass up.
At first glance at the antiques center, it was just another interesting old time poster type print. But as I walked over to it to see more. I began to see an interesting theme. There was much reference to advertising and design and what I began to realize was done for a retirement present for someone that worked in the Con Edison building in NYC, I'm thinking this was done in the 30's? . If you are in the field of graphic design or advertising (or many other fields), that homage to the deadline ("sweet dead o' line) is a classic timeless stress that predates computers, email or smart phones... but will live on long after they are obsolete. Alright, now you have my attention...
I'm really liking the classic advertising type artwork, the subject matter, the historic nature, and reference to a field similar what I do, but in a time when things were done much differently... but wait.... what is this rhyming line at the bottom...
It has an interesting, cute old time writing style to it. It so cool to see that the person that was retiring always wanted to play the accordion, which is not common these days besides in some hipster music scenes, or maybe a VFW hall polka night. BUT WAIT... reference to the classic early 1900's barber shop standard that has my daughters name in it... SOLD!
And that, kids, is how it made it's way to our home. Good Night.
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