I Think She Likes Me!

Friday, July 29, 2011

This may be a strange thing to hear, and it feels a little strange to say... but up until recently I wasn't sure if Addy really Loved ME, or just put up with me because I was always in her face. I'm not offended, I understand she is still getting her bearing in this world, I don't know if the concept of Love and caring has really set in yet. I mean, she is still trying to figure out if the fur that she just forcefully pulled from the cats back is going to taste good if she put it in her mouth. I will say that lately she has shown affection toward me, and what I perceive to be a preference for being in Daddy's arms to anyone else's (except maybe Mommy's). She has even willfully giving Daddy a kiss here and there...
When I think back to the day she was born,  I was completely in Love the moment she emerged from the water and was pulled up to my wife's chest with me behind reaching to touch her head for the first time. It feels so great now when I walk in the room and she gets excited and jumps playfully into Mommy's arms looking back to me knowing that I'm going to come over and hoist her up in her favorite flying playtime. When she reaches over to grab my hand, I will hold it there until she let's go no matter what may come up. (I'll just have to put my shoes on one handed)...
Addy, I've Loved you since the moment I saw you. Thanks for Loving me back.
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