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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I heard my wife cracking up in the bedroom, I had to run in and see what was so stinkin' funny... Let me back up a little, and let you know that I have many laughs, many of which are ridiculous. OK, back to the story... I get into the bedroom and Rachel is there with Addy, who looks at me and gives me a laugh not unlike one of my silly laughs (I would describe it as a throaty almost machine gun like chuckle).  Up to now my only baby mind conditioning was repeating over and over "Dada, Dada, Dada... honey, can you say Dada?" and I don't do that laugh very often (for respect of Rachel), so I'm not sure how she would pick this up. Is this a hereditary condition? I have felt such pride whenever someone stops and says how cute she is and I think that I had some part in that, and feeling so great about how agreeable and mild mannered she is... and hope that I am contributing to that. I wasn't counting on the fact that in many ways she is a mini me, it's amazing to see how you can pass things on to your child. Now I try to get her to do that laugh often, it's our thing, I love feeling the connection that is so natural between a Daughter and Her Dad. She has brought back so many things that Rachel and I may have become accustomed to about ourselves and each other... and made them new again.
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