Hearing Music Before Birth

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last weekend, Addy was with my wife and I at a craft/art/indie rock show where I was selling some of my wares. I often tell Rachel that I feel like a carny, setting up and breaking down each weekend, from one indie craft carnival to the next (hehe). Lucky enough I had gotten a pair of kiddie headphones from my neighbor recently, so I could protect Addy's hearing. I don't think that she loved the feeling of having the bulky spaceship like orbs attached to her head...
But, thinking about it.... the sound may remind her of Mommy and Daddy listing to music while she was still in Rach's belly. She used to kick a lot when we played music, and when we sang to her... either because it excited her and she loved it, or she thought I was singing off key (hard to tell). I love sharing things like this with her, she loves the sights and sounds and is intent on sitting on Daddy's table and messing with the displays.
Usually we are doing the outdoor market, but the more enclosed space and louder music was cool with Addy...
... and anything is cool with Daddy as long as Addy is there with that smile.
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