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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rachel, I read your post today, and I thought I would add a yin post to your yang post...
First, I want to say "Holy Hell, can you believe we are parents ?!?" 11 years ago, you were my supportive awesomely cute girlfriend, now you are my supportive, beyond beautiful wife. Is there really a difference between, then,driving to a show with your hand resting on my leg with my guitar and amp in the back seat, and now driving with your hand in mine on a fun family day trip with our bundle of joy in the back seat? Back in the day, perhaps there was a time when it looked like rock stardom was in the near future, but I would much prefer where I ended up, sitting on our couch with just my Daughter as my audience staring at her Daddy. Remember when you surprised me for my birthday with a trip to Pittsburg so I could visit the Warhol Museum? And Phipps Conservatory? (picture above). That was the first of many surprise, awesome, thoughtful surprise trips that you put together for me. We truly have had such a great adventure together, and our parenting adventure has redefined what Love can be, to me.  I love, love LOVE you dude! Thanks for sharing all the adventures with me. xo
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