Up Past Daddy's Bedtime

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rachel and Addy have gone to sleep, it's time for Daddy to make a mess...
I really need to get a good lamp for my work area, I tend to be most focused (and have more time) later in the night, but If there are too many lights on it makes it hard for Addy to get in a deep sleep. I have been working on some more illustrated designs, and had an idea of a new way to present the images...
I did the illustration, colored it and cut it out with an exacto. Then on a painted piece of wood, I used decoupage to finish it... in very low light. It is the first draft of the idea, but I think I can work with the new style. The following day I used some of wife's ribbon to set up some cute edges (not pictured). There is a great downtown shop, called Anchor No. 5, that carries stuff that I make, I drove down today and did a drop off of the 4 new kids oriented pieces along with some shirts and hoodies that I had left from the last market season. I'm going to stop down to the shop tomorrow after the farmers market and get some photos of the final product on display. Be on the lookout for that.
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