Sci-Fi Baby Weapon

Friday, May 6, 2011

As I was out for a nice Long walk with Addy yesterday, I was thinking about the experience of running into strangers with a baby strapped to your chest. Almost always there is some sort of interaction, whether is be a small smile or a stop, reveling in her beauty. I'm sure nothing seems too out of the ordinary there, but what I do want to discuss is the people that you see approaching, they look and see this cute bundle of joy, and just look away without any expression as if there was nothing there at all. After the interaction, I think in my head, "that person has no soul!" Which leads me to this thought (crazy, I know). If ever the world becomes inhabited by an evil alien life form that can take on the appearance of human beings, I know the ultimate secret weapon to expose these imposters... walk past them with a baby strapped to your chest, if they have no reaction, no sense of joy in seeing such a cute, beautiful thing... they are alien imposters, and they have no soul, report them to the authorities immediately!
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