Late Night Cookies

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 One thing I knew long before my Daughter was born... Don't stand between your wife and some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. What I have learned tonight... a late night cookie craving from your wife can be tough, when you are trying to get your Daughter to sleep, and at this stage in the night, noises and light will wake her (sure fire way to make her pissed off). SO, armed with this info, we set out to make some home made cookies, in the middle of the process Addy decided she wanted to hit the hay. So, while Mommy was getting her into bed for the night and soothing her into a deeper sleep, I was in the kitchen, with Addy's nightlight and the light of the stove as the light that guided the rest of the process.
You don't know what you got 'til it's gone, when you have no timer (beeping will wake Addy), no light, and you have to make every move with much contemplation (don't bang the cookie sheet on the stove). I was able to work my way through it and got all of the cookies done, unburned, with Addy still asleep.
I was just in time for my wife to come tip toeing out of the bedroom, stopping for a second to give me "a look" and softly, but assertively let me know that every click of the camera sounded like a gunshot (I guess in relation to the silence of late night baby sleep time).  We grabbed some books and met in the living room, now able to have light and make a little noise, we actually were quietly enjoying some late night Mommy/ Daddy time. I knew I did well when I asked how the cookies turned out, She gave me a cute look, I knew I had to ask... how many have you eaten already?  "4 of the biggest ones, basically six normal cookes"... Looks like I may be doing this again tomorrow night.
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