A new Page in Daddin'

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Turning pages in life can be tough & stressful and at the same time can give life a new fire and outlook. I've recently left my job to work from home on my own projects. I have the business that I am a partner in, which makes for a possible awesome future, but presently is much work, without much return. Right after Rachel and I got Married, we bought a 2 family home and lived there for 8 months working our butts off making it nice. At that point we were able to buy another 2 family, which helps with our monthly budget. We live in one of the apartments and rent out the rest. There is stress in getting my income to stay the same while doing work on my own, but as a trade I have made time almost every day to take a nice walk with Addy, stopping to sit on a park bench or laying on a blanket in the grass. I'm not exactly sure what the next page will be, I may be writing it as I go, but one thing is for sure, having more time with my family is going to be amazing, and seeing my Daughter's Beautiful face every day is a sure fire stress reliever.
So... I've been working on a new line of illustrations for kids rooms, and shirts. (one was recently given away here, more giveaways coming soon) along with continuing design work that I always have done (hit me up if you need something). There is something about this stressful challenge that is hopeful and rewarding, and I'm looking forward to pushing ahead, with my family by my side. 

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