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Saturday, April 30, 2011

***special note, I switched my commenting system, for now the old comments aren't showing, but I have them still for the giveaway, don't fret : ) I will be drawing soon, last chance to get in (with the new commenting system)***
I've been working on designs for some kids shirts and onesies that I'm going to be selling soon at the summer market (and online). I was messing around today and decided to to a little sketch version of the design... and why not at the end have a little fun giveaway. Let me give you a little time line in pictures before I give you the giveaway info...
While Mommy was sitting on the couch holding Addy while she napped, I sat down at my newly set up drafting spot and decided to try this out. I started to do a sketch version of a new kids shirt I designed.
I got the sketch done and inked it. (didn't do the text yet, that will come later)
I tried to color inside the lines (hehe), I need to practice this, I'm going to have to be a good example for Addy in a couple of years.
After some pointers from Rachel, I Got everything colored and looking cute, so I decided to make it legit... and signed it.
Addy woke up, I decided to show her to see what she thought.
She said... "I like it Daddy, it would look great in the bathroom, by why not give it away to one of your readers?"... This child is kind and wise beyond her years. SO, Leave a comment below AND/OR tweet this line to be entered to win it (yes with the frame).
@addydaddyblog is doing a cute giveaway, check it out www.adelinesdaddy.com/
(if you do both, you will be entered twice)
You can Enter up to 2:00pm on Tuesday.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday night.

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