Car Ride With Weezer and a Glockenspiel

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last week I received a promotional CD from Rockabye Baby. I've been contacted from other companies about promotion, but I am picky as to who I will have on my blog. With that being said, when I went to the Rockabye Baby site, after they contacted me, I had a smile on my face that lasted long after I stepped away from my computer. So, no reason not to get a promo copy. What an awesome idea, by the way. When I received the album I actually listened to the Album (I picked Weezer) a bunch of times through headphones while I was working on designs, and hummed along. I had brought it out to the car for more listening. Which came in handy a couple of days ago. I was bringing Addy on a ride with me to the shop to pick up some paper work. She was not feeling it, pretty cranky and definitely needed a nap. I looked down, saw the disk, picked it up and gave it a try with her ( I know I had already gotten some enjoyment out of it).
It ended up being a nice drive, I sang along and hummed to her with the soothing music in the background... "oohh weee oohh, I look just like Buddy Holly"... I turned around and this is what I saw.
I turned back around and continued to sing along, this time just for my own pleasure. I must say I got this Album for free, but I think I may have to go and pick up another album... they do have a great discography. If you are curious or interested, they have a bunch of sound clips of albums. I found myself cruising around reliving my teenage years... but as lullabies.

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Mary Gardner said...

I'm so glad I found these on your blog! I've already purchased 3 of them, can't wait to get more!