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Sunday, May 22, 2011

    I confess, I am an old historic home lover, and I love messing with things to make them "old" again. At times this can be a pain for my wife, but seriously, the old hardware on these old doors is awesome, why not get all of the old paint off of them to expose their late 1800's beauty? I've realized that there really isn't any end to little projects like this in 110 year old homes.
    We have 2 pre 1890 2 family homes that we have bought and saved from years of neglect and layers of bad flooring dating back to the 40's.
Needless to say, I have a lot of experience working on old wood floors. So, when our friends were taking up a rug in their 140 year old home to get back to the old wood floors, they gave us a call. The process can be a pain in the cubes, but the reason for the renovation, just makes me want to do it. YOu could say it's a heart warming project. They have the same midwife as we had and are doing a birthing pool in their living room just as we had 7 months ago. Having the floors done will help the environment of the room to be the best it can be for them. And, who can deny helping these faces?....
We arrived at the house around noon and the ladies promptly left to take a drive (one was pregnant, one had a baby to watch, they were of no help at all : ). Thomas and I got right to work clearing the room out and tearing out the rug. When we started sanding Thomas took a shot of me...
...looking at it brought me back to the days of working on our house preparing it for Adeline's arrival. (don't tell my wife that I wasn't wearing goggles). I definitely know the feeling the Thomas has right now, the pride in preparing your home to receive your precious little one. You just want to do everything you can and have it done on time. They have about 2 months left, from my recollection that is the beginning of crunch time!  You can stop by their blog and see their progress and wish them good luck here
For now... this is Adeline's Daddy A.K.A. "your home improvement, floor sanding, light hanging... etc, bloggin' buddy" signing off. Check in next week, when I tear up all of the asphalt from our parking area and turn it into a huge green space : )
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