Ready, Set... Walk

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've always enjoyed stepping out of our home and walking around the city meandering and possibly ending up at Gelateria Lisa or the Flavor Cafe, or walking Downtown along the river. Since the weather has finally gotten nice, my Wife and I have been strolling with our new walking buddy. Addy seems to love the walks as much as we do. I'm kind of an Addy hog on our walks, and I always get my way (yeah, big baby I know) but, now that I have had the feeling of a nice spring stroll with my daughter looking around curiously dangling right in front of me, I'm not going to give up the carrier rights without a fight.  As my wife stated in her post tonight, she bought a moby wrap today, and loves it. I'll stick to my baby bjorn, thank you very much. What about you, what is your favorite carrier? Mommies use the baby Bjorn, or is it mostly for the dudes?

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Life Of A Mombie said...

adorable photos

Elizabeth said...

ergo gets my vote!
so versatile and easy on the back!