High School Me is Stoked.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This week brought a design project that I wouldn't have suspected. And if I could talk to my high school self, man would he (meaning me) be stoked right out of his studded belt and spiked hair. I was asked to make 4 shirt designs for the European tour of a band lead by the bass player of Rancid and Operation Ivy. I've done some stuff for some pretty big names, but this kicks nostalgia right in the balls (I mean this in a good, punk type of way). In the new band he plays a stand up bass, which is something good to use for design reference. Below I s a preview of the design for the Euro tour shirt. I layered some bandana texture and some graphically implied upright bass strings and "f holes" (also on the back) over a tried and true visual subject... a good ol' skull and bones (can't lose there). 
I ended up getting all four designs done and approved this week, and when I sent the link to download the art over, I definitely felt awesome. I may be 33 and barely resemble who I was in the early 90's, but this kinda made me want to get all angst-y.... arrrrrggggghhhh.... (sid vicious lip comes out)

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Cool :D I loved rancid back in the day LOL :D

The Hipster Dad said...

Look awesome man! Also such a cool project I loved Op Ivy & Rancid in HS haha... Having fond memories of my Bombshell 7" -C

Jess Craig said...

oh my god i'd totally die.