Moby Wrappin'

Monday, April 18, 2011

So, I gave up all of my manly protests and used this new fangled Moby Wrap that my wife has been raving about. This mostly came about because we didn't have my carrier on us when a scenic walk by Grammy's house sprung upon us. While, putting this thing on resembled me trying to tie a necktie when I was 8, with my wife's assistance, I got it on safely and comfortably.
I must say, it felt pretty good and seemed to be great for Addy on one of the first days of the year that it was warm enough for her to go outside in only a diaper and a onesie. I don't think I would trade my daddy dude manly carrier in for it, but it was a lot better to use than I would admit to my wife. Not to mention, that I don't care what I have to use as long as Addy is strapped to MY chest for the walk (it's something I definitely am selfish about). The moby freed my hands up enough to help Addy try on Daddy's hat...
... and left room in one arm for Mommy and the other for Addy.
"pssst. hey... oh, why am I whispering? I didn't want my wife to hear this... the moby was pretty great"

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