Bed Time, Book Time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tonight, Daddy felt like he jumped back in time,
while joyfully reading a story to his dear Adeline.
I think she thought her Daddy had a screw loose,
with the way he read to her, the words of Dr. Seuss.
She was intrigued, she reached and she reached,
and grabbed the book and bit into it like a peach.
Then she took over reading the book to her Dad,
and told him that page 12 said "gurble-dy-gad"
She handed the book back and posed for the camera,
that Mommy had been pointing in their general area.
Her attention turned back to her anxious dear father,
who jumped right back in with the zeal of a zad-ee-wather
Daddy paused for a question, so he could take a breather,
but he had no idea what a zad-ee-wather was either.
When the story was over they closed the book happy,
ending a wonderful night between Addy and her Daddy.

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Mama Mandolin said...

my face is literally melting off from the cuteness.

Kiersten said...

Aww, this is so cute! :)
Dr. Seuss was the best - I loved reading him when I was a little girl
<3 Kiersten

Kristina said...

Total awesomeness. Thanks for sharing! <3

Kitty said...

so cute, she really looks like she is absorbing every word.
Bloggy question for ya too, how did you display you HTML code for you button? I tried to use Bloggers "text" gadget to have that displayed and the dumb thing just gives me a copy of my button. Whats the secret?

allie said...

so sweet. seriously. henry likes to read the books with his mouth too. like all of his books have huge chunks taken out of the spine. :) i like the lighting in these pictures!

hanamon said...

nice rhyme! Ahhh Dr Suess, he is the best! I was wondering what was lacking from my daughter's book colletion!
Nice to see you over here at Blogger, Hanna