A Fairytale for Adeline

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a boy in a band. An arty stylish girl went to see his band play, but was unimpressed. The boy couldn’t help but think about her ever since he saw her. He called and called and finally she agreed to go out with him one night. They drove around and talked until the sun came up, at which point the boy snuck a kiss and left. They began to see each other more and more and before you knew it, they were inseparable. On a cold new years eve night 6 years to the day from their first date the boy, shaking with nerves, waited until the fireworks began to bring in the new year, and got down on one knee and asked if she would be his princess, she agreed. They kissed and hugged surrounded by revelers, explosions and bright lights. Before they knew it they were growing together, building a life and being more in Love than ever… when they found out an incredible thing… They were going to have a baby. Their life took on a new direction and the look in the boys eyes became the look of love for the new family that was coming soon. The girl started to developed a little cute belly, that grew and grew until she looked like she was smuggling a bowling ball, but still had tiny chicken legs. It was at this point that the boy looked at the girl and realized how strong love could be, that is until many months later on a cool beautiful fall night. In their red brick house that night they found an even stronger Love, the strongest in all the land. That was the night you were born.

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