Tooth or Dare?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The other day when I was walking with Addy in her carrier, I suddenly felt something juicy on my hand. I was resting it on the carrier near her face, she seemed to think it was a delightful snack, or she was chomping down due to a start of teething. This is my first baby and I'm no expert on teething, but it does seem to be the trooth (truth and tooth combined, get it?). MY wife informed me that her first teeth popped up the day she turned three months, and Addy is almost there, so it could be. I consulted a teething expert (google) and learned of the possible signs of teething:

Drooling - total puddles

coughing - yes, and has been scary at times

biting and gnawing - she loves biting daddy's hands, but that could just be because they are yummy.

fever - nope

Diarrhea - I'm not sure if these symptoms are usually geared toward older kids, but every diaper change I've ever done for a baby looks like diarrhea.

Irritability - Addy, no way.

I definitely don't feel anything coming in yet, but this may be just the beginning of the process. We'll just have to wait and see when these chompers make their first appearance.

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