Baby Boom

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today we packed up and headed to our friends house for a holiday get-together. They had their baby 3 days after Adeline was born. "Wow, 2 babies amongst friends born so close together", you say? Well, Let me tell you, there has been a serious baby boom going on around here. There were 4 babies within two months, most of which from the same block. At the party today, all were in attendance, along with many other babies. It's great to have so many like minded, good people around to share stories of things that we are experiencing in common, along with other parentsthat have a child a couple years old two give us pointers, all the way up to friends with kids our age, remembering what we are experiencing. It's great to be surrounded with the wealth of knowledge of people that I think have done a great parenting job and have friends to share stories with for years to come. 

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