That Nostalgic Feeling

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today we took a drive to the little historic town where I spent most of my youth. I feel that we have been spending more time in this area during pregnancy and exploring new areas that we didn't care to when we were younger. Today, we took a nice stroll around these familiar streets, pointed out the historic homes, ate at a village restaurant and even introduced her to Martin Van Buren. I'm not sure if it is the nostalgic feeling, thinking of my youth, or growing up and appreciating things in a different way. I now love historic homes, small (everyone knows everyone) towns, family owned apple orchards, tree lined country roads. When I was a kid I didn't care (or take note of) things that surrounded me in that town, now I feel the urge to move back there and have a new relationship with those things of my youth, and share them with my daughter. In the process she may not even get it, but as she grows she may have that same nostalgic feeling.

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