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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was approached last week by Katie from Passive Juice Motel about helping her with an illustration/ logo that could be used on tags for her store and business cards etc. I've been wicked busy and backed up, but I really liked the imagery that she was describing... A fox, top hat, bow tie, monocle holding a tasty beverage. I took a quick look through her instagram account to see some of the dolls she had made and I saw these cute foxes.
 I was thinking, "when I get to this it's going to be fun, I'll use one of her dolls for inspiration on the look of the fox" and I closed the screen. Later, after I had finished some other work (building a site, not all that fun) I grabbed my sketch book and decided that it would be fun to mess around with the idea for the fox illustration as I sat in the living room with my wife and daughter. I liked the way the sketch was moving.
I didn't notice at the time, but I had actually mixed up the name, I was thinking of some yummy passion fruit drink, but it actually is "Passive Juice Motel" didn't notice until I had sent the first draft and put up on instagram. In any event, I was excited to see where this was going to go once I started working it more in illustrator.  SO... when Rach took Addy in to get her to sleep for the night I scurried into my office and scanned in my sketch. I really moved on it and was almost done when Rach emerged from the bedroom. I decided to be a good husband and stop for the night.

The next day I really wanted to see this thing done and previewed. It didn't take that much longer. She said they are going to be printed on a material like craft paper, so I set up the preview like that. The print was supposed to be just be 2 colors, but it was too much fun to color, so I had to send both. 

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